SoMa Rowhouses

Omaha was experiencing a critical mass of rental projects downtown but limited on “for sale“ product.  We wanted to create an urban environment but still maintain a resemblance to close knit neighborhoods found in the midtown area where homes were built closer together and front porches were utilized. We purchased the property from an owner who owned it for over 100 years and we found treasures during excavation such as a pocket of over 200 antique whisky bottles. The row-house concept was perfect and with rooftop decks the front porch concept was elevated 30’ in the air. Adding amenity space for social gatherings was critical so a community garden was built!  The life of the garden came together by the community itself where weekly wine and cheese parties are happening right along with tomatoes and herb picking. If they’re not hanging out in the garden, they are under the public art piece that was voted on and commissioned by the homeowners.


Location: 1122 Mayberry Plaza

Size: 15 Buildings

Year Re-developed: 2005-2006

Fun Fact: At one point the homes sold so fast that it was 24 months before we could deliver a home to buyers.



Bluestone Development