The Towns

The Caniglia Family owned and operated an Italian restaurant for 60 years and upon deciding to close they wanted the property transformed into a benefit for the neighborhood that treated them so well. After sitting down with the family (and eating their homemade doughnuts) we reached an agreement to create a City Neighborhood townhouse project. Through the development we learned that there is an Omaha Mayor and a Little Italy Mayor. The neighborhood had underground tunnels dating back to the bootleg prohibition era and Little Italy can be divided between white sauce and red sauce (depending on what side of 20th street you lived) and you need to work with both sides. Our project was successful due to great design, well-situated in a neighborhood that cared.


Location: 709 Pacific Street

Size: 38 Townhomes

Year Developed: 2006

Fun Fact: At ground breaking we had the local Italian pizzeria create a 4 x 8 pizza rather than shovels digging in the dirt.



Bluestone Development