The previous owners of the property originally purchased the acreage in the 70’s to build apartments.  Upon taking a Sunday drive with his wife to show her the location of his next project, she fell in love with a home that was still on the property and asked that his plans be put on hold.  They ended up moving in and lived there for the next 30 plus years until our paths crossed. We instantly fell in love with the site for its hidden “come see this “appeal and welcomed the difficult challenge with the topography of the site. We saw this property as an alternative to what else was being brought to the market, we knew our customers were prone to zag when others were zigging and hence the name ZAG was born. With a strong hint to a Scandinavian design, all with a tucked in fill and supported by art that poses questions to those who live here- do you want to Zig or Zag.

Its overall Zen and inquisitive feel allows our customers to come home and feel like its home with added options of hanging out in community areas that all for all levels of Zen-ness. As with all Bluestone properties we use new projects as testing labs for what may be a future need for our customers.  In addition to our traditional unit program we introduced our fist micro units- all 350 sf of them is compact, efficient and created for those who are wanting less but still having it all.

Location: 5110 Mayberry Street

Size: 191 units

Year Developed: 2017-2018

Fun Fact: This is our first multi-building community – we have 3 apartment buildings spread on approximately 3 acre site.




Bluestone Development