22 Floors

After studying the demand for Gen Y we wanted to create a proto type product to test the market. What came about was a very efficient building of studio apartments. Part of Gen Ys DNA is a sense of community so we created lounges on the first floor where a customer could hang out watch TV, listen to music and use the Wi-Fi, all while doing their laundry. Due to the urban locations they could walk out the door and have their pick of entertainment options. While we were building 22floors a banker and his client asked for a meeting to discuss buying a portion of the building for a boutique hotel. Once we sat down for the meeting we all knew it was over when the banker asked about how many of the 22Floors we would sell to his client and our response was, “sorry the name is based upon the number of units we built not the height” - we all laughed.

Location: 1314 Mike Fahey Street

Size: 22 Apartment units

Year Developed: 2009

Fun Fact: If you walk through the passage way you will see two bike racks created by Paul K, see if you can figure out what they mean-hint-it was a popular saying in the 60’s

Goonights Pizza Bar & Patio (5,900sf): Contemporary venue with a full bar.  This pizziaria creates inventive pies, salads & wing!

Greenstreet Cycle (1,300sf): Greenstreet Cycles is where sales, service, and rentals meet an enthusiasm for people and bicycles unlike any you will find in Omaha!




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