Joslyn Lofts

As our first project and referred to as ‘our baby’, Joslyn loft’s 29 loft apartments is rich in history.  Sara Joslyn, one of Omaha’s earlier philanthropists, built the building to house her family’s business.  We purchased the building in 1998 along with left over items from a storage tenant – items included cans full of war rations. Joslyn Lofts was the pioneer of the 15th & Jones area that is now home of many new and existing projects. Also, we wanted to get away from the roof top deck where there wasn’t a choice to have privacy (basically Sunday coffee and paper in your pjs).  We wanted a place for alfresco dining, so within the building envelope interior decks were created with floor to ceiling glass walls.

Location: 621 South 15th Street

Size: 29 Apartment units

Year Re-developed: 1999

Fun Fact: When we were half way through cutting out the back of the building to create the large windows, I got a call on my cell phone while I was standing in front of the new opening from the National Historic Gods saying, “Hey, make sure you don’t cut out those openings”




Bluestone Development