Originally the property housed a hospital (which was rumored to be where Marlon Brando was born) but the hospital eventually closed and after many attempts to rehab the building into apartments with limited success, we purchased the property in order to build a product conducive to modern living.  During travels we found that staying at boutique hotels was much more inviting than larger mega hotels and we started to wonder if this would work in apartment living. Our design and amenities are all based upon a boutique hotel experience. From simulator golf, to resort style pool, to “hey I need a toothbrush request at the front desk” it’s geared towards a customer who appreciates niche restaurants and fun hideaways. What we don’t know is did the ghost follow us from the previous building. In one of the previous rehabs a pool was installed and it was said that if you swam in a certain lane there was a tapping noise as you swam by. Will a ghost move to a new pool?


Location: 501 Park Avenue

Size: 154 Apartment units

Year Developed: 2013-2014

Fun Fact: First Bluestone property to have outrageous amenities such as a Vegas style pool, golf simulator and exercise room




Bluestone Development