Studio 15

Living at Joslyn lofts and looking out my bedroom window I kept staring at the one story warehouse building that would eventually become Studio 15 and at one time Bluestone’s office but it didn't start out that way.  At first we purchased the site to scrape, and then we were going to rehab the building into 10 condos and in the middle of the design work, an architectural firm called and asked if we would convert the majority of the space so they could move in and we would office next to them and away we went. The building had wonderful barrel roof with exposed clay tile and very large windows. It was a great project to develop and watch the transformation.  During the construction we allowed a metal artist to set up shop and create all the furniture that would become Bluestone’s office furniture.

701 South 15th

Size: Office Building

Year Re-developed: 2003

Fun Fact: The only Bluestone property that was purchased for demo and then crested into something cool



Bluestone Development