The Mayfair

Ten days after we launched Bluestone we received a call from a wonderful brother and sister team (Michael & Toba Cohen) who explained that they inherited a building from their father and wished to redevelop it into apartments with first floor retail. I excitedly accept the work and we were off!  Not only was it a very successful project garnering the highest rents in the district, it was also a blast to work with a great pair of owners that not only cared about the future (their new customers) but also the past (their late father). I remember the day when the structural engineer said we could design the parking underground by removing a few columns and installing a beam.  I said, “ok let’s do it as long as your with me in the basement when we cut out the column . . . if the ship goes down, the team goes down”. All went as planned and underground parking was created. 

1123 Howard Street

Size: 11 Apartment Units

Year Re-developed: 2001-2002

Fun Fact: Is named after the famous Mayfair district in London, where the best fabrics in the world could be purchased



Bluestone Development